About us

The Compliance Engineers is a specialist Compliance services business, providing SMEs and Start Ups with sensible, no-nonsense advice and guidance around common Compliance challenges and obligations.


These areas of expertise include GDPR, Consent & Cookie Management, Data Privacy & Information Security.


A different approach to regulatory compliance

Data compliance is a major component of organisational survival.

One of the key barriers to being compliant is a lack of understanding about it within businesses.

Compliance should be at the forefront of all business decisions but is not always a straightforward task. It’s relatively easy to implement, but not intuitive, and there’s a lot of crossover between compliance and data governance. 


Why we set this business up

We set up The Compliance Engineers to support businesses attain and remain data compliant and avoid fines and other sanctions that will impact reputation and revenue.

We provide support, action and formal approval to SMEs and start-ups to ensure that you are up to date and compliant with all legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and other data privacy regulations.

Understanding and experience

What sets us apart

Our understanding of – and working experience in the commercial world – have provided us with real time knowledge of the data management implications in today’s businesses which gives us an edge.

Whilst the GDPR came into law in May 2018, only in the last year or so has it come to the fore, with the ICO looking to ensure all businesses big and small are compliant, with the risk of heavy fines if you aren’t.

We have approached the set-up and early days of our consultancy business in a way that it’s geared towards values that we as founders uphold.

Our core proposition started around seeing the need to offer outsourced DPO services, but we quickly realised that one size does not fit all, so along with that service we offer a 3-tier service level catering for all organisational needs when it comes to ensuring data privacy & protection for businesses.

We want to work beside our clients, offering relevant, timely and effective guidance and advice on how to ensure and maintain GDPR compliance.

Your team

Experience and expertise

Matt Brown

Co-Founder DPO

Experienced media and marketing professional, with a Honours degree in Law, working in the media and marketing sector since 1996.

Specialising in Affiliate marketing and partnerships from 2002, he has helped deliver success to brands across verticals for over 20 years. Specialist sectors include Consumer Finance, Retail, IT and Telecoms.

Prior to setting up The Compliance Engineers, and prior to Brexit, Matt worked as a GDPR consultant assisting businesses understand the  commercial implications of the GDPR.

Gary Davies

Co-Founder QTS, ACIPD

Experienced project leader within a global top 10 company, Gary delivered ISO27001 and GDPR compliance within professional services and leading education trusts.

An experienced B2B trainer, Gary brings expertise in applying regulations in the employment relationship addressing areas such as whistleblowing and employer’s liability for employee negligence.

He also led European projects in equality and diversity, competency frameworks and compliance and is also formerly an HR Consultant.

Matt very kindly ran a session around GDPR for The VA Suite. He explained what GDPR was and what both we as VAs, and our clients need to be doing to make sure we are data compliant. The GDPR is complex and the terminology is often quite frightening and off-putting.

Matt explained in ‘layman’s terms’ and made it feel less scary in a super helpful and friendly manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Compliance Engineers and am so pleased that I now have a GDPR expert that I can call on to ensure that both my businesses and my clients keep our data safe and avoid any nasty fines!

Siobhan Hobson

The VA Suite

Your team

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