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Ensure the protection of your business by establishing strong information security policies that clearly outline the roles, duties, and regulations inside your company. These policies will assist safeguard your organisation against cyber-attacks and incidents. 

These coexist with and enhance your Data management. An effective ISMS should encompass various crucial policies and controls, including but not limited to data access control, data encryption, data backup, data retention, data disposal, data breach response, and data audit. It is imperative you communicate and implement these policies throughout your organisation, ensuring that all individuals are fully cognizant, confident and proficient in adhering to them. 

Use security tools that help you keep an eye on, protect, and get back business data as part of your ISMS. Some examples of security tools are antivirus software, firewall software, VPN software, a password manager, encryption software, backup software, software that stops data loss, and software that recovers lost data. Pick the tools that work best for you and your budget, and make sure you try and update them often.

At TCE, we help you to continuously stay informed about the latest trends and threats in data security. Our ISO27001 compliance solution helps you to form your business continuity planning and remediation as part of your ISO27001 compliance framework. Use our carefully designed processes to exercise caution and diligence while vetting and selecting your providers. It is recommended to thoroughly assess their data security standards, certifications, and contracts. It is imperative to consistently monitor and audit their performance and adherence to regulations.

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Matt very kindly ran a session around GDPR for The VA Suite last week. He explained what GDPR was and
what both we as VAs, and our clients need to be doing to make sure we are data compliant. GDPR is complex and the terminology is often quite frightening and off putting. Matt explained in ‘layman’s terms’ and made it feel less scary in a super helpful and friendly manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Compliance Engineers and am so pleased that I now have a GDPR expert that I can call on to ensure that both my businesses and my clients keep our data safe and avoid any nasty fines!

Siobhan Hobson

The VA Suite

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